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) to display videos at different dimensions!
6. Uses MVC templating. Just copy the /tmpl folder included in the plugin, move it to your template's /html folder and rename it to "jw_allvideos", then style the output as you wish.
7. Mobile/tablet friendly: if you use MP4 for uploaded videos or if you use services like YouTube, Vimeo & Dailymotion, your videos are mobile ready.
8. Includes 3 templates: Classic, Framed and Responsive
9. Fully responsive players when using the "Responsive" template.
10. Uses the core Joomla! updater since version 4.5.0.

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Reviews: 13
Installed OK, works as described. Not used in anger, but happy with results so far.
Reviews: 3
it's really one of the best video plugins and i have no idea how people just can't setup it. I'm using it during last few years and i didn't find any more simple and flexible plugin then this one. Joomlaworks really start development of the extensions "back in the day" and i really love your video plugin which work without any problems. Didn't had ANY problem with it ever.
Thank you guys you're really professional work.
Reviews: 3
This may have been a good extension back in the day but it is garbage now. The installation is fine but I couldn't for the life of me get a simple MPG video to play. Their documentation tells you the embedding syntax and the root folder settings. Nothing. Just use Joomla's embedded media function...this extension should be removed.
Owner's reply

"Back in the day" people may have used MPG for video playback on sites. MPG would -of course- have to be downloaded first on your PC to start playback... Compression-wise, a 4 min video can be more than 60MBs, so good luck embedding such big files...

Today however, if you're serious about bringing videos to your websites, there is 1 option only: MP4 (H.264).

We may support MPG in AllVideos through Quicktime or native OS playback, but that doesn't mean you should use MPG as your primary media playback format...

Reviews: 1
This is very useful for me BUT i want embed/share on the player.

Anyone knows how to do it? Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you,
Reviews: 2
I downloaded and installed this for a J3.1.1 site. All I needed it to do was play a simple mp3 file...nothing else.
I tried and tried and tried for 4 1/2 hours to get it to work and all I would get was the player controls.
Nothing in their forum pertaining to this gets answered, I gave up and uninstalled it.
Joomla's "insert embedded media" option did exatly what I wanted with this MP3 file in less then 3 seconds.
Owner's reply

You obviously never bothered to read the documentation which outlines the use of a "root" path so you don't right long plugin tags in your content...

Reviews: 2
Does what it should do, easy to install and implement. Great work all around. Thanks.
Reviews: 5
Great extension. Extremely easy to use compared to some other methods I used to use on a previous website! Nice job!
Reviews: 4
The new version work great on responsive template! Many thanks to Joomlawork!
Reviews: 1
Best Joomla video plugin. I have been using All Videos for all my websites since 2010 - It's easy to use, FREE and the support team is constantly upgrading it.

It just works fine! Don't waste your time looking for another plugin to run your videos. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
Perfect video on any browser

Audio with Chrome works

I have tested on firefox 17.0.1 and Safari 5.1.7 and Explorer 8 (it's not working audio plugin there)
Reviews: 6
The extension itself is fantastic.. Had to play around inside of .js files to remove menu functionality but that wasn't too bad. I do have one question however for the developers of the plugin.

How can I go about removing the linkback logo to longtail within the video upon play? I am developing a site for a company and they are striving and stressing that they want to go as branded and "brandless" by others as possible.

If I could get a contact back on how this may be possible I would much appreciate it.

Other than that.. again, great plugin.
Owner's reply

You need to get the "commercial" version of the Longtail video player. Go to their site and purchase a license (it's cheap) and they will give you a new .swf file (=the player) to replace the one used in AllVideos. It's really simple.

Reviews: 1
Allvideos is amazing... however i used it for months on a site and the videos through vimeo would play on ipads and iOs devices.. but no longer.. Ive tried everything to no avail, Just sad cuz the plugin is nothing short of awesome if it would play on mobile browsers
Reviews: 1
less than 30seconds, it works for 1.7/2.5! LIKE THIS :D
Reviews: 1
Being a turnkey person this was very easy to install. What has not been easy was having to remove code so you could make it not allow share, download or embed. Re-arranging the code to make hmtl5 be 2nd instead of first in the code so it works with all browsers.
The remaining issues I can't seem to resolve is getting a playlist and getting an image to display instead of a black image. If these last to issues get resolved then I would have nothing but glowing things to say!
Reviews: 4
I've been looking for a multimedia plugin to work seamlessly with SobiPro, and this has been the best choice by far.

No hacking, no meddling with code, just simple syntax and there you go! An embedded video or music file within your SobiPro entry! And all this in a free extension.

Thanks a lot for a fantastic plugin. This is a must for any serious Joomla and SobiPro developer.
Reviews: 5
This extension is just great. I use it whenever a clients mention the word 'video'... It just works. The versatility in lay-out options and css styling could be better, but anything less than excellent would be unfair.
Reviews: 3
Tried out your extension earlier and must say made me very interested in it. The software was very easy to use and operate
One problem I experienced was that I had to uninstall my ad blocking software for it to work properly and it wasn’t able to play flv videos for some reason.
Overall, im satisfied with this component and have downloaded it already.
Thanks guys for this component
Reviews: 18
The only hitch - which wasted 15 seconds of my life to figure out (smiles) - is that I had to use the whole URL inside the {youtube} node to embed the video in a player. I reckon this may have something to do with another plugin conflict, or some idiosyncrasy of K2.

I also use this for two clients running soundcloud collections - the html5 failback works seamlessly on iOs devices.

Many thanks JW...many, many thanks.
Reviews: 3
This is an excellent plugin. Easy to install and activate. Decent guidance to the simple code you need to add to your articles to embed video. Has worked flawlessly so far.
Reviews: 1
I like your com_ but I have a problem..

You write in the Features: "2. Stream your own media content, using the 20+ web compatible video and audio formats like flv, swf, mov, mp4, wmv, wma, mp3, 3gp, webm, ogv, ogg, divx and more."

I try to insert a link to a SWF but system say: "The file extension SWF is not allowed!" :(

Good with flv!!!
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